Specialty Items (Colic, Teething Solution, Cough Etc.)

Specialty Items

  • Infant Colic Remedy
  • Adult Colic Remedy
  • Teething Remedy
  • Dupois Cough Syrup
  • Ion Solution
  • Sting Kill
  • Adult Appetite Formula
  • Acne Skin Formula


Dupois Adult Colic Remedy (8oz.)

CODE: Adult Colic Remedy (8oz.)

This special adult colic remedy formula  is great for acid reflux symptoms, upset stomach, and will help the body to relax and get a good nights rest. More

Dupois Appetite Tonic (8 oz)

CODE: Appetite Tonic

This tonic is a mixture of all natural ingredients designed to promote healthy appetite in elderly persons as well as children with poor eating habits. More

Dupois Cough Syrup (4 oz)

CODE: Cough Syrup

Dr. Dupois formulated his own cough syrup which is designed to be an expectorant and decongestant as well as its capabilities of soothing a sore throat and... More

Dupois Infant Colic Remedy (4oz)

CODE: Colic Remedy


Dupois Colic Remedy is a non-prescription medication formulated thirty six years ago by Mr. Sid Dupois, using mainly natural ingredients. His knowledge and experience have made it what it is today - one of his most widely used and recommended preparations. It has made and continues to make several generations of grandmothers, mothers, and babies content with its successful, natural approach to relieving colic. Help your child or grandchild have a happier, healthier mealtime experience, and treat all involved to more restful sleep.

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Dupois Teething Remedy (1 oz)

CODE: Dupois Teething Remedy (1oz.)

Mr. Sid’s teething solution was designed to eliminate the pain and itching that occurs when infants begin to experience the teething process. It can... More

Ion Solution (8 oz)

CODE: Ion Solution

This product was formulated to replace minerals that are lost due to sweating and exertion and gives energy. Ion Solution is especially helpful... More

Sting Kill (4 oz.

CODE: Sting Kill

This product is designed to remove the sting of an insect bite. It draws the poison out of the bite when applied immediately, reduces the effects of... More