Homeopathic Products

Homeopathic medicine stimulates the natural defenses of the body working with the body to cure common health problems.  Sources of these medicines are from the three kingdoms of nature; vegetable, animal and mineral.  Dosages are weak and there are no harmful side effects and these medicines help the body to heal itself naturally.  Common ailments  which respond to homeopathy are:  colds, allergies, headaches, flu, sinus, earaches, menstrual problems, indigestion, sleeplessness, bruises, runny noses, diarrhea, and many more.  These ailments, as well as many others, are very simply and effectively relieved by the use of homeopathic products.  Homeopathic products must be placed under the tongue away from food or drink to have the best results possible!

Belladonna (9 c)

CODE: Belladonna


Fever, Colds and Flu

Borax (9 c)

CODE: Borax


Motion sickness or canker sores.

Bryonia Alba (9 c)

CODE: Bryonia Alba


Rheumtic Arthritis

Calcarea Carbonica (9 c)

CODE: Calcarea Carbonica


Fatigue and weakness in children.

Calcarea Fluorica (9c)

CODE: Calcarea Fluorica


Joint pain or repeated sprains.

Calcarea Phosphorica (9c)

CODE: Calcarea Phosphorica


General Tonic

Calcarea Sulphurica (9c)

CODE: Calcarea Sulphurica


Boils, Acne

Cantharis (9c)

CODE: Cantharis


Urinary itching or burning, blisters.

CARBO Vegetabilis (9c)

CODE: CARBO Vegetabilis


Stomach bloating with gas

Caulophyllum Thalictrodes (9c)

CODE: Caulophyl. Thal.


Spasmodic Pains