Hair and Skin Items

  • Dupois Natural Soap
  • Dupois Neutralizing Gel
  • Dupois Neutralizing Liquid
  • MSM Rejuvenator (Topical)
  • Facelift Serum

Dupois All Natural Soap (4oz.)

CODE: Dupois All Natural Soap


All natural cleaning agent.

Dupois Neutralizing Gel (2 oz.)

CODE: Dupois Neutralizer Gel


Supports healing of skin irritations.

Dupois Neutralizing Liquid (3 oz.)

CODE: Dupois Neutralizing Liquid


Balances PH in the body.

Facelift Serum (1 fl oz)

CODE: Facelift Serum


Facelift Serum is an effective combination of Hyaluronic Acid and other natural ingredients designed to hydrate and support the natural firmness and elastic feel of the skin. Over time, this product helps to  strenghten the skin's connective tissue.

MSM Rejuvenator (6 Fl. OZ)

CODE: MSM Rejuvenator


This therapeutic formula rejuvenates the skin's natural ability to protect itself from wrinkles,  sun and wind damage.